The Hygge House

Hannah Briggs loves all things antique and nostalgic— if it has a story than it will fit in perfectly with her cute cottage in the middle of Muscle Shoals, which has its own history. Hannah’s husband Josh acquired the home from his parents after they passed away, a quaint brick, one-story house where he spent his entire adolescence. Already filled with sweet memories, Hannah and Josh were excited to take on the adorable brick abode and make it their own. 

During their engagement they began putting together plans to update the house, as nothing had been remodeled since it was built in the 60’s. The original shag carpet in the den was replaced with hardwood floors, and laid throughout the entire house. Walls were torn down to create an open floor plan, and slowly but surely they began picking out furniture and accents to complete the house. Since first getting married Hannah’s style has evolved and has been refined into a mixture of simplistic cottage, mid-century modern minimalism. Her neutral tones are complimented with cozy details including her backward books, which gained attention from the Huffington Post, who wrote an article about her collection after she featured it on her Blog and Instagram: Thistle Harvest.

The entirety of her aesthetic is very hygge— a nod to Danish design and atmosphere as candles are lit next to stacks of books, and tea cups are hung next to pictures of her trip to Paris– everything is intentionally cozy and inviting. While many of her rooms are made up of antiques, including a baby rocker, her Grandmother’s dining room table, a wooden end table from a great-great grandfather, and the bookshelf from her brother’s room, she also loves shopping at World Market, Anthropologie, West Elm, Target, and Etsy. However, Hannah has done more than put together pieces of decor, she has created welcoming spaces perfect for good conversation over coffee, cozy afternoons curled up with a book, and room to make many more memories. 

Most recently Hannah and Josh adopted a sweet baby girl, Coco, and in anticipation of her arrival spent countless hours working on her adorable nursery— a perfectly designed room filled with dainty decor, children’s books, and soft pink accents. Next on their to-do list is their backyard, where they are excited to begin working on the back patio and landscaping as they plan to spend many hours outside chasing around their newest addition. If you want to stay inspired by Hannah and her incredible eye for design, follow her on Instagram at thistle.harvest and get ready for cute pictures of Coco, every day adventures, and of course plenty of interior design inspiration! 

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