Tombigbee Bungalow

Jacob Fulton is a collector—a reviver of old things— with the ability to take the discarded, the forgotten, and the broken and not only restore it, but make it into art. Over the years he has collected art and relics from his grandparent’s farm in Ohio, flea markets in Wisconsin, his parent’s Victorian home, hunting trips in South Dakota, and the back alleys of Chicago, where he lived in his 2,000 square ft downtown loft in 2015. He splayed the antiques and artifacts across the industrial modern walls– an array of finds that he had carried with him and inspired his personal art, which primarily focuses on iconography and mixed media. The large loft was directly above the Billy Reid shop, which he helped open in Chicago, and where he began his career designing and styling for the fashion designer based in small-town Florence, Alabama. 

Fast forward to 2019, Jacob and his wife Jenna, moved to the Shoals to pursue Jacob’s new position with Billy Reid as the lead Visual Merchandising Manager and bought their first home in downtown Florence on Tombigbee Street. The 1945 stone bungalow is another historical restoration that literally rose from the ashes, after Anthony and Ruth Holmes, owners of Holmes Property Management, bought the three bedroom, one bath bungalow in 2015 and completely revived it after it suffered an extensive attic fire. Their renovations included fixing the attic, creating a vaulted ceiling in the main living room, reconfiguring the bedrooms, rebuilding and refinishing the original hardwood floors, installing a new roof and all the major systems, as well as adding board and batten to the front exterior — and ultimately creating the coziest, modern blue bungalow just a few blocks from the Carriage, Odette, and Billy Reid.

When the Fultons moved in they were eager to settle down, painting rooms to match their taste, and styling the entire house with floor to ceiling gallery walls filled with the treasured art and sentimental finds that Jacob and Jenna brought with them from their travels. They decorated the living and dining room with stories— each piece of furniture revealing a snapshot of history. The dusky green, antique Mohair fabric sofa, which serves as the focal point of the room, was found in an alley behind the Billy Reid Chicago store and boasts two mermen at the end of each of the arms, while the 1920’s piano made with real ivory keys was rescued by a coworker from a recording studio before it was discarded and was a Christmas present for Jenna–and every framed picture and art piece can be traced back to a moment and memory. 

The kitchen is adorned with dinnerware collected by Jenna over the years— mismatched vintage plates, bowls, and silverware, which they used in their wedding, are displayed on open shelving above the sink and work together to create a colorful, eclectic style, which resonates throughout the entirety of the home, including their bedroom which is painted a deep, burnt red, highlighted by warm yellow accents and surrounded by antiques, paintings, and large mirrors that bounce light throughout the room. 

They have made each room their own— a reflection of their style, art, and history— and have transformed it into a cozy and inspiring space filled with love. Next on their list is fixing up and decorating the third bedroom to make way for baby Fulton— a new chapter in their adventure. 

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