Bungalow on a Budget

When Leah Goggans and her husband Joseph began searching for their first home in 2015, they were unsure if they would be able to find what they wanted on their limited budget. Leah hoped for something cute in downtown Tuscumbia, Alabama where she could walk to the local spots and eateries like Spring Park and the Palace– and after extensive searching they landed on a house that was exactly what she had envisioned. It was a quaint 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow built in the 1940’s only a few blocks from downtown, and while it needed some work, she was immediately taken by the 12-ft ceilings, spacious rooms, and French doors that opened to the dining room. There was plenty of potential and with Leah’s love for interior decor and DIY projects she immediately got to work turning the small home into her safe space.

At first the living room was painted a bold red, one of many childhood dreams, however, after purchasing the bungalow she always envisioned, over the last few years Leah’s style has evolved and she repainted the majority of the home Sherwin Williams’, Midsummer White and Agreeable Grey. As Leah began styling her home and following bloggers like @thebloomingnest on Instagram, she found that she leaned more towards a clean, simple style where she could incorporate touches of modern farmhouse. With a passion for finding and restoring antiques and thrifting to find all of her furniture and decor, not only has Leah saved money, but she has had a hand in almost every decor piece that adorns her home and has created an eclectic, beautiful space that is both refreshing and relaxing. 

One of Leah’s most impressive projects to date is hand painting and stenciling her front porch and bathroom floor. After reading and researching how to take on such a project, she decided to start by stenciling the bathroom floor, which originally had brown linoleum. After retrieving floor paint from Lowes and stencils off of Stencil Revolution, she spent almost a week stenciling at night and then finishing it off with a top coat while her toddler was sleeping. The space was small, but the design was intricate, and the tedious work of painting was therapeutic to Leah as she would listen to podcasts late into the evening as she diligently worked. Finally, her last big paint project was her front porch, which also took her about a week. It was quick and easy to paint the first coat of the porch, which covered any cracks and imperfections, but more time consuming to work around the weather and her 3-year old as she stenciled every inch of the porch, which was significantly larger than her initial bathroom project. The finished result is a cute, modern design painted in cream on a tan backdrop that gives tasteful personality and dimension to a once plain porch. 

Aside from stenciling, many of her other projects have consisted of refinishing and painting antique furniture, including her grandmother’s buffet, and a wicker chair, which she recovered with a fresh, white fabric. She has truly put years and years of hard work and elbow grease into every corner on a tight budget to transform it into the cutest bungalow on the block. Leah’s patience and persistence in piecing together her home has paid off, in every room there is a project to admire and a relaxing spot to sit and regroup. The Goggans’ first home is the perfect example of how anyone can invest in a space on a small budget and transform it into a stylish sanctuary.

**Follow Leah at comfort_and_joy_home on Instagram for more inspiration!

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