Modern Farmhouse Makeover

If you start driving out of town on 43 you’ll come across a county road covered in tall oaks and pines winding around woods and houses secluded in Lauderdale County. Tucked away in a clearing is a long fence surrounding a two-story home with white board and baton siding, a wrap-around porch, and horses meandering in the front yard. It’s a magical, inviting entrance as the horses hang their heads over the fence to greet guests outside the front steps where rocking chairs lazily sway in the breeze. Paige Thornton, interior designer, and former owner of the popular local shop the French Basket, has used her eye for design and heart for hospitality to create a space that is earthy, modern and timeless— bringing a sense of comfort inside and out. 

After walking through the wooden front doors, the foyer is a spacious entrance leading way to the dining room, kitchen, living room, and upstairs to the bedrooms. When the house was purchased walls were taken down to create an open living space and the traditional stair railing was removed to construct an airy, open area to lead you throughout the home. Other major custom renovations to the home included expanding the square footage by extending the downstairs guest room by 9ft to create closet space, and adding an additional 15 ft to the back of the house, which allowed them to create an open living room and add a large concrete fireplace with barn wood designed by Andy Downing. 

Fun upgrades to the kitchen and breakfast area included a coffee nook complete with all the fixings and dishes ready for the perfect cup of coffee, as well as a wine bar on the opposite end of the room stacked with beautiful glassware and kitchen essentials. The clean, white cabinets from IKEA are a bright, modern contrast to the splashes of natural barn wood and thrifted finds that Paige loves to collect and display throughout the two-story space. Upstairs resides the master bedroom and guest bedrooms, as well as Paige’s office that boasts wrap around windows, providing views to the surrounding landscape and allowing light to pour in from every angle. 

The modern-country escape brings the outside in with a large screened-in porch that opens up to the main living area and gives way to views of the black barn the Thornton’s built for their two horses: Zippy and Idgy. The sprawling 10 acres provides plenty of space for their barn, fire pit, back patio, and vegetable garden— creating a haven and escape for the entire family: Paige’s motivation and inspiration for all of her design choices. The back screened-in porch was built so that the horses could meander up to the house to be fed carrots and apples, while artwork by Paige’s friends and children are displayed throughout the home, and every corner creates a cozy spot to be inspired or relax. Paige’s interior design choices are not only about finding stylish, timeless pieces, but about making memories to last a lifetime in the process. 

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